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Corporate Law
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Preparation of draft documents
➣Statutory documents (proposing various models for organizing the system of governing bodies and corporate control) and amendments to them
➣Internal corporate acts (regulations on the board of directors, management board, regulations for holding meetings / meetings of management bodies, etc.)
➣Shareholder agreements and agreements on the exercise of the rights of participants
➣Documents on the main terms of the transaction
➣Agreements on the involvement of the management organization
Consultations regarding
➣The competence of the governing bodies
➣Responsibility of the sole executive body and members of collegial management bodies of a legal entity
➣Engaging a managing organization
Representation in challenging decisions of governing bodies in courts;
Full support in the reorganization of legal entities;
Comprehensive preparation of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions:
➣Legal analysis prior to the transaction (due diligence)
➣Participation of a lawyer in negotiations between the parties involved in the transaction
➣Development of draft documents required for concluding an M&A transaction
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